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November 08th, 2013

New prices

We are always trying to offer you the best material at the best price. In that optic we have improve some aspect of our production and we can now offer new and very attractive prices on the main products of the Khepera III line card :

Khepera III including the Korebot II board : New price of 2600 CHF
Khepera III battery pack : New price of 290 CHF
Khepera III external charger : New price of 980 CHF
KoreWifi : New price of 140 CHF

(price shown are the recommended price, excluding shipping cost, VAT and local taxes)

Exhibition at CNIETE in China

From 26th to 28th of October, we were in Beijing at CNIETE on our distributor booth Huayi Ruida Technology!

Vallorbe, January 11th, 2012

V-REP is now open source and free for education!

V-rep, the robots simulator, is now open source and free for the education !

Due to a change of strategy from Coppelia robotics, V-rep is now open source and free for the education.

This powerful simulation software will be freely provided with every K-Team products for education. The Khepera III and the K-Junior have their model already created in V-rep for your own simulations.

The source can be also available (subject to specific licensing term and condition, please contact K-Team for more information).

K-Team will also provide a specific training on the V-rep software, you can contact us for more information here : info@k-team•com  (info@k-team•com)  
ICRA 2013: May 6-10 2013 in Karlsruhe, Germany

Come and see our booth at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation.

Innorobo: March 19-21 2013 in Lyon, France

Our distributor Génération ROBOTS has a booth at the exhibition "Innovation Robotic Summit".

December 18th, 2012

The Kilobots wish you a Merry Christmas !

We will be closed from the 24th December 2012 to the 4th January 2013.

October 23rd 2012

The Smart Evo is available!

Place a brain in your K-Junior V2 or your design. This is a compact CPU module with tons of features : ARM CPU, wifi, bluetooth, camera, accelerometer, speakers, microphones
KJU Smart Evo
See more specifications here: KJU Smart Evo

The Smart EVO can be used in two manners :
- Plugged on the K-Junior V2, it increases the possibilities of the K-Junior robot, allowing you to perform image processing on board. The 2 products combined together open a wide range of possibilities
- It can also be used as a powerful module on your own robot application or any of your custom project like intelligent security systems, interactive products, and many more.


Selling price is 1400 CHF excluding VAT and shipping cost.

Exhibition at IROS conference

Come and see our booth at IROS 2012 !
From 8th to 11th of October, in Vilamoura, Portugal.

June 27th, 2012

The new positioning turret « Stargazer » is now available for the Khepera III.

KSG module

Based on the Stargazer sensor from Hagisonic, the StarGazer is a unique sensor system for Indoor localization of intelligent mobile robots. It analyses infra-red ray image which is reflected from a passive landmark with an independent ID.
The output of position and heading angle of a robot is given with very precise resolution and high speed. Check it out HERE.

June 18th, 2012

The K-Junior is now improved to the K-Junior V2 version

Dear customers,

The K-Junior robot is released today in a new improved version. Get more for the same price! Check it out HERE.

K-Junior robot - New Microcontroller, the PIC18F66K22 cadenced at 16Mhz instead of 8Mhz
- New motor management for more accuracy
- New management of the IR sensors for more accuracy
- New management of the buzzer, you can now produce notes on 4 octaves
- New battery management.
- New, improved bluetooth management
- You can now read the battery value
- Still compatible with the K-Junior extensions

June 14th, 2012

An update for V-REP, the robot simulator, is available!

Dear customers,
in this update of V-REP, the robot simulator,
a new powerful mechanism was developed to allow easy access to V-REP API functions from external applications (e.g. robots): the remote API.

The software is also now available for PC, Mac and Linux platforms.

Flyer link

March 2012

See our products at Innorobot - Lyon / France from the 14th to 16th March 2012. Our products will be shown at the Generation robots stall.

December 16, 2011

Dear customers,

We thank you for all your confidence in the year 2011. All our team is very excited to begin this new year that will be rich in new products and new possibilities at K-Team.

Please note that the company will be closed between the 26th of December and the 8th of January for our Christmas holidays. During this period, we will move to serve you better. Thanks for changing our address in your database starting 1st January 2012 :

K-Team SA
Z.I. des Plans-Praz
CH-1337 Vallorbe

K-Team wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year !

November 14, 2011

The new Kilobot robot is now available :

Be the first using the K-Team Kilobot by ordering your Kilobots until the 14th December. You will get a special discount of 10%.

The robots will be delivered from February-March 2012.

More details at the Kilobot page!

The new K3-LRF turret is now available :

More details at the Laser Range Finder page!

Participation at 2 exhibitions:

Come visit our booth at TAROS and RiE conferences!

Summer holidays: from 18th of July to 7th of August

K-Team will be closed for summer holidays. E-mails will be answered from
the 8th of August. Please apologize for the inconvenience!

Website updated: 8 July 2011

Quote system is directly integrated to products pages and products were

New robot simulator for Khepera III and its extensions: July 2011

V-REP is a powerful 3D robot simulator.

    Its features include:

  • kinematics
  • Physics/dynamics
  • collision detections
  • minimum distance calculations
  • path planning
  • etc.

Khepera 3 gripper : June 2010

The new gripper for the Khepera III is now available!

  • 2 degrees of freedom
  • for 5cm width and 50gr load
  • An build-in battery autonomy up to 4 h