Yverdon, September 12, 2011

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The new K3-LRF turret is now available !


Dear customers,

K-Team launches today the new Khepera III LRF turret. This turret will allow you to place on your Khepera III the LRF module from Hokuyo type URG-04LX-UG01. This turret improves greatly the potential of the Khepera III in any autonomous application.

This powerful Laser range finder can scan the robot’s environment precisely, allowing you to detect and make a virtual map of the robot’s environment.


Technical Information


20 mm to 5600 mm

Accuracy 60 to 1000mm : ±30mm ,
1000 to 4095mm : ±3% of measurement

Angular resolution

approx. 0.36 degree


2 hours




Libkorebot, drivers for Player/Stage

Scanning time

100ms / scan

Please see our website: http://www.k-team.com/mobile-robotics-products/khepera-iii/kh3-lrf

The turret is available with or without the LRF module.

If you need a quote or more information, please ask  your local distributor or info@k-team•com  (info@k-team•com)  


 The K-Team