K-Team Central & South American Distributors

If you are a resident of Central or South America, and you want more detailed information about our products, offers, orders, or technical specifications, please contact one of our distributors for this region:

RoadNarrows LLC
3550 Frontier Ave
Unit A2, Boulder
CO 80301 USA

Website: http://www.roadnarrows-store.com

Phone: 800.275.9568
Fax: 800.275.9534
Email: sales@roadnarrows•com  (sales@roadnarrows•com)  

Contact: Phillip Kulikauskas

K-Team Corporation
Z.I. les Plans-Praz 28
CH-1337 Vallorbe

Website: http://store.k-team.com

Phone +41 24 423 89 50
Fax +41 24 423 89 60
Email: info@k-team•com  (info@k-team•com)  

Contact: Claude-Alain Nessi