Author Topic: CO2 meter connected to KoreIOLE Serial Communication through Khepera 4  (Read 7307 times)


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I'm very new to the Khepera robot, and I'm currently doing a research using the Khepera 4 robots. I want to read a CO2 sensor that is connected to the KoreIOLE board through TX and RX pins. Can I just write a simple C code that reads the information from TX RX and transfer the file into the robot? Also, for the wiring step, can I just simply wire the sensor with the board and put the board on the robot?

Is there anything else that I should do on the computer other than transferring the code C file into the robot through "minicom"?
Thank you very much!!


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the Rx and Tx pins available on the KoreIOLE are the main serial port (where the boot is accessible). To communicate with this COM port, you will need to disable the boot on this port, which is not recommended.

The best solution is to use the other COM port available on the extension bus. This serial port is easily accessible using the Expansion Turret.

For the connection, it depend on your sensor. The serial port on the extension bus is 3.3V tolerant. If your sensor is a +5V, you will need to adapt the voltage.

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