Author Topic: Problem - Installing koala library on Host Ubuntu  (Read 84622 times)


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Problem - Installing koala library on Host Ubuntu
« on: August 21, 2014, 06:50:01 AM »
Hello ,
I am using Host Ubuntu 14.04.  I want to build apps for koala2.5 on my Host. While building apps , I got error of "fatal errot: Koala/koala.h : No such file or directory"

 I assumed that,  linking is not properly done , and if I compile and install koala library on my Host OS , then I can build apps for target koala on my Host (please correct me if am wrong). I am using Koala  Compilation and Installation quick guide lines in Koala_library folder.

So I just compiled Koala Library on Host  successfully. During the installation phase,  I am not able to copy shared object files/libraries  (in folder ../koala_library/build-x86/lib ) to /usr/lib (in Host  root ).  I am getting error of "Permission denied ".

Am I doing correctly ?  My Aim is to build apps on my Host that should run on Koala2.5.
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