Hemisson FAQ

Q: What can I do with Hemisson?

A: Follow this link: Hemisson applications.

Q: Where can I ask questions about Hemisson?

A: In the Hemisson Forum. You can ask questions and answer questions of others users.

Q: Which are the used lines in the serial cable?

A: Just three lines pins 5 (Gnd), 3 (Tx), 2 (Rx).

Q: How to configure Hyperterminal to communicate with Hemisson?

A: Click on "Start/Programs/Accessories/Hyperterminal".

  • 115200 baud
  • 8 data bit
  • 1 stop bit
  • No parity
  • No flux control

Q: What are the differences between Hemisson and Khepera?

Diameter 12cm (4.7") Diameter: 6cm (2.4")
Processor 8-bit 32-bit
RAM Memory 0.3Kb 512Kb
Flash Memory 8Kb 512Kb
Control loop No control loop (no encoder) PID control on position and speed
IR sensor range Up to 20mm Up to 100mm
Development Environment Optional PIC C Compiler Includes Standard ANSI C Development Environment

Khepera is fitted for research and advanced education, or for applications that imply miniatureness, odometry or powerful onboard processing.

Q: I have no serial port on my PC. How do I connect Hemisson?

A: In your favorite PC shop, you can find USB<>Serial adapter.

Q: My Hemisson seems to be blocked in programming mode (Green and Red LED permanently on) but I cannot reprogram it with Hemisson Uploader. How can I repair it? Or... I can connect my Hemisson only at 57600bps. How can I repair it?

A: This might happen if you switch Hemisson on and off too fast or if you interrupt a transfer from BotStudio. Here is the repair procedure:

  • Install and launch Hemisson Uploader version 1.5 (available below).
  • Select a baudrate of 56000.
  • Switch your Hemisson Off.
  • Connect your Hemisson to your PC serial port.
  • Set your Hemisson in programming mode (Prog/Exec Switch).
  • Switch your Hemisson On.
  • Upload the latest Hemisson firmware (available below) with Hemisson Uploader.
  • If the upload do not work, repeat the operation a second time.