Koala FAQ

Q: What is the sampling time of sens_get_ana_value and its corresponding serial port command ("I")?

A: The sampling time for this data acquisition is 1ms.

Q: After a short distance, encoder position seems rested?

In fact, the Koala encoder value is coded on 16 bits. Hence, after 65535 steps, the encoder is reset corresponding to a distance of 1.9m.

Q: I want to install OS XXX on the PC104, can you install it?

A: We only provide RedHat 7.1 installation.

Q: Do you have simple grab code for the framegrabber?

A: We provide our card with a an adequate video for linux driver installed and tested (bttv). You can find simple C grab code at Bttv Homepage.

You can find code for acquiring video under linux with v4l. An alternative to v4l, is v4l2, you will find the API and sample code at:


Q: I cannot connect to my device. It works with machine with OS XXX but not with other OS XXX.

A: Lengthy ethernet frame timeouts can prevent communication when using older operating systems (like SunOS 4.x.x).

Q: How can I debug using BDM cable for Kameleon?

A: We recommend using ICD Cable (CPU16/CPU32) Rev. C available from P&E Microcomputer Systems http://www.pemicro.com. Misc.

Q: What is the status of the vacuum cleaner project?

A: As you can see on the WEB, the vacuum cleaner project, based on the Koala robot, was an exploratory project made some years ago. Now the Koala is a commercial product, but not the vacuum cleaner version, which was only a prototype.

The vacuum cleaning robot application is a very difficult one, especially for home use. Home environments are very complex and changing often. You have a good intuition in asking "how difficult is it to program", because, to be efficient, it need to be programmed or to be very intelligent.

You can get more information on the Koala robot on the K-Team server, that you already visited ( http://www.k-team.com ).

Concerning the vacuum cleaner, the best information is included in a paper:

I. Ulrich, F. Mondada and J.-D. Nicoud, "Autonomous Vacuum Cleaner" , Robotics and Autonomous Systems 19, 1997, pp. 233-245.

A postscript version of this paper can be found on the WEB page:


We have other products (you saw them on our www.k-team.com server) but they are not service robots.... just research and education robots.