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K-Team Products


Kilobot Robot
The Kilobot is designed to make tests of collective algorithms on hundreds or thousands of robots accessible to robotics researchers.
It was developed by the prestigious Harvard University and it is now produced and distributed by K-Team.
The K-Junior Robot
The K-Junior is an affordable yet capable robot for educators and enthusiasts. K-Junior will replace the popular Hemisson robot, adding more performance and a better user experience while preserving a customers previous Hemisson investment. The K-Junior is backwards compatible with all Hemisson expansion modules.
The Khepera III Robot
The Khepera III is the next generation of robot from K-Team. The Khepera III (K3) can match the performance of much bigger robots, with a upgradable embedded computing power using the KoreBot system, mutiple sensor arrays for both long range and short range object detection, swappable battery pack system for optimal autonomy, and exceptional differential drive odometry.
The Koala 2.5 Robot
Koala is a mid-size robot designed for real-world applications. Bigger than Khepera, more powerful, and capable of carrying larger accessories, Koala has the functionality necessary for use in practical applications, rides on 6 wheels for indoor all-terrain operation, and sports stylish bodywork for attractive demonstrations.


The KoreBot II
KoreBot II is an internet-ready appliance with web browser and server built-in when using the pre-configured Linux operating system. Equipped with several I/O functions the Korebot II can be rapidly configured to be a data entry terminal, video player, or control system. Applications range from robotics to environmental monitoring to factory automation.


A powerful 3D robot simulator, which features several versatile calculation modules (inverse kinematics, Physics/dynamics, collision detections, minimum distance calculations, path planning, etc.), a distributed control architecture (unlimited number of control scripts, threaded or non threaded), and several extension mechanisms (plug-ins, custom client application, etc.). V-REP is the perfect tool for fast prototyping and verification, remote monitoring, fast algorithm development, robotics related education, and simulation of factory automation systems. A V-REP plug-in was specifically developed to allow an intuitive, easy and realistic Khepera robot simulation.