Khepera IV

Stargazer (KSG)


The Stargazer is a module allowing the Khepera IV robot to have indoor global position and bearing from passive landmarks marks.

It is used to do navigation, specially for mapping and localization. The module has IR Led’s for lighting landmarks and a camera for capturing the image, which is processed by on-board electronics. It computes position and bearing related to landmarks stuck on the ceiling. It uses the StargazerTM module from Hagisonic co. Ltd.


This a top module. No module can be plugged above this one.


Elements Technical Information
Range 2.5-3 m of diameter with 1 landmarks (for ceiling height of 2.4 m; can be improved by adding landmarks)
Accuracy 3.5 cm / 3 degrees
Measurement time 10 times /sec
Autonomy 2h30 ; Li-Pol battery
Weight 117 g
Software Libkorebot
Compatibility Khepera IV extensions (KB-250 specifications)



Recommended price for the expansion module with Stargazer module: 1790 CHF (excluding local taxes and shipping cost)

Find your local distributor.


User Manual


  • will be included in the new Libkorebot library