Khepera IV

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Embedded Linux OS

The Khepera IV is running a full standard embedded Linux Operating System. All applications are developped using the embedded Linux environement which provides several major benefits for developpers. A new library, the libkhepera, is also provided to interface applications with all the robot peripherals and extensions.

Standard Linux Kernel
The Linux kernel is known for its stability and efficiency. Applications will rely on a virtually bug free kernel and will be unable to cause system failures.

Filesystem in Flash Memory
The robot supports a real flash filesystem. Applications can read, create and modify files or directories for data logging, configuration files reading, data storage, etc.

Support for most Common Devices using Standard Drivers
Most USB devices are supported by the KoreBot using standard Linux drivers.

Support Standard Libraries for Application Development
Application developer can first rely on the standard C libraries, including all the classic utilities of a Posix system. Moreover, almost any library can be ported on the robot, providing a limitless repository for quick application development.

Quick and Easy Installation of New Software Packages using ipkg
The Linux distribution is based on the Familiar distribution for embedded devices. It supports the ipkg package system for installation of new software. New packages can be downloaded from ipkgfind website.