Kilobot Controller Board

Product: Kilobot Controller Board

Recommended price: CHF 490.00 (VAT and shipping excluded)


The Kilobot controller board with the KiloGUI interface can manage a large amount of robots at one time.

It can communicate with Kilobots below using infrared light allowing a user to:
  • send a new program to all Kilobots at once.
  • control the Kilobots such as pausing and powering on/off
  • calibrating the motors
  • debugging using the serial port
This action can be done for every Kilobot in an one-meter diameter area below the controller.

The Kilobot controller can program an individual Kilobot using the built-in ISP programmer. It can also connect to an individual Kilobot's serial output header so it can be displayed on a windows computer.

(Ref. Kilobot Controller Board), 1-year warranty

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