Koala 2.5

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Introduction to Koala

Koala is a mid-size robot designed for real-world applications. Bigger than Khepera, more powerful, and capable of carrying larger accessories, Koala has the functionality necessary for use in practical applications (like navigation, mapping, artificial intelligent,…), rides on 6 wheels for indoor or outdoor all-terrain operation, with a sports stylish bodywork for attractive demonstrations.

Easy to use, the Koala base robot can be programmed using the GNU C environment or remote controlled using the K-Team serial protocol. We deliver a complete library, so the user can focus on the algorithm. The library is open and can be modified, allowing a high customization for the customer.

To facilitate the programming of the robot, we support several development environments, from standard cross-C developments to more sophisticated tools like LabVIEW® , MATLAB® or SysQuake. Please note however that this software is just a suggestion and not at all needed to use the robot. Any other programming environment capable of communicating over a serial port can also be used. The communication protocol implemented on Koala is described in the user manual.

Koala and its modules have the following very interesting features:
  • Compact (30 x 30 cm)
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Powerful Embedded Computing Power running on Linux Ubuntu
  • Easy to use by the connection to very standard and well known tools or using the existing Library
  • High modularity in order to fit to a large number of needs. Compatible with any USB, Ethernet or Serial devices.
  • Multiple sensor arrays
  • Swappable battery pack, docking ready
  • High quality and high accuracy DC motors and gearbox
  • Various fixation points for extensions