Koala 2.5

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GNU C/C++ Environment

GNU C/C++ Cross Compiler

The GNU C/C++ cross-compiler lets you generate code that can be executed directly on-board the Koala, freeing you from the constraints of the ASCII protocol and serial cables.

The compiler package provides a library of all the low-level functions available in the K-Team BIOS including motor control, sensor reading, communication, and multi-tasking management.

The compiler provides a full C/C++ programming environment, and lets you create programs as simple or as powerful as you wish.

K-Team Serial Protocol for Remote Operation

All K-Team robots can be remotely operated using a standard ASCII Serial Protocol. Using a RS232 cable or a wireless connection, the robots can receive orders formatted as ASCII strings and send back some results if required. The robot can be completely operated using this protocol as commands are available to control the motors, read the sensors, communicate with extensions and setup all the robot parameters.

With this mechanism, the robots can be controlled, from a remote computer, using any software able to communicate with a serial port. K-Team provides several libraries and example code to communicate with the robots from a Visual C++ program, from Matlab, from Labview, or from a Linux C program....

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