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Teach Science and Technology. Hemisson is the perfect solution for teachers looking for an attractive, affordable and complete teaching material. No need to assemble the robot before the course, Hemisson is ready to use, of-the-box. Hemisson can receive many extension modules opening up unlimited possibilities. For Hemisson programming, we recommend the Hemisson DeLuxe Pack and Webots Hemisson.

Discover the latest progess in mobile robotics. Artificial intelligence hobbyists can control Hemisson via a serial port with Visual Studio C/C++ program, Matlab or with any programming environment accessing the serial port. At Last, you can program Hemisson either with CCS C Compiler. For basic experiments BotStudio is an easy to learn option which simulate the robot's behaviour inside Webots-Hemisson before uploading to Hemisson.

Build your own robotics module on a versatile platform. Robot hobbyists looking for an existing platorm to extend or modify it will like the robust mechanics that can be easily adapted to different needs. Moreover, thanks to the electronics schematics, you can even create your own extension. Thanks to its open source firmware, you can modify the code with the CCS C compiler and upload it on the robot thanks to Hemisson Uploader.