I/O Modules

Radio Link

This module enables the wireless communication between the Hemisson robot and a PC at 115'200 bps. The link can reach up to 20 meters using the 2.4GHz band. Up to seven robots, equiped with radio modules, can communicate with the same computer at the same time. Direct communication between two robots is not possible but, messages can be transfered through the computer from one robot to another.

The Hemisson extension (HemRadio) can be paired with any BlueTooth enabled computer (Bluetooth USB dongle available below). With HemRadio, all serial port communication are transparently redirected to the wireless link. It is possible to overide this default mode using specific I2C commands.

Wireless communication with Hemisson is possible with any software thanks to the virtual serial port. Using this module, the robot can be controlled using Matlab, Visual Studio C/C++, Labview, or any other programming environment.

(Ref. HemRadio), 1-year warranty

User Manual