Webots 3D Simulation

Webots-Hemisson is a specific version of Webots, the professional simulation software for mobile robots. Webots is used by numbers of researchers over the world for behavior simulation with very complicated algorithms like neural network. Webots-Hemisson provides a simple interface to define all parameters of a virtual world that match your setup environment.

This particular version called Webots Hemisson, contains a 3D model of Hemisson. After simulation you can upload the programmed behavior in your Hemisson robot to be exectuted autonomously.

Contrarily to the professional version, you cannot program many virtual robots in parallel, nor work in batch mode.

NEW: If you have a Hemisson robot and the CCS C compiler for PIC, you can cross-compile Webots controllers for the Hemisson robot and upload them directly to your Hemisson robot with Hemisson Uploader. This is feature is available in Webots 4 STD, EDU and PRO, but not in Webots-Hemisson. All the necessary files for performing this cross-compilation are to be included in the upcoming version of the firmware.

For more information about Webots, please visit Cyberbotics site or download an evaluation version.

Bot-Studio, integrated in Webots, is a graphical programming environnement for Hemisson. Bot-Studio allow to describe the Hemisson Behavior as a finite state machine. Finite state machine is a paradigm that describe a dynamic system as states and transitions. Bot-Studio uses the GRAFCET notation. Motor speed, buzzer state and waiting time precisely determine Hemisson states. For instance, a state where both motor speeds are set to +5 define a "go forward" state. Whereas, a state where motor speed is +5 on the left and -5 on the right would define a "turn right" state. Sensors reading and define transition from state to state. Then you can simulate the programmed behaviour with Webots-Hemisson or upload it into the Flash memory of Hemisson, to test it in real life.

Required configuration: Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP or Linux

Price: Single-User License included with all Hemisson Deluxe Packs