After 3 generations of Khepera and Koala robots, today we introduce you to the new generation: K-Junior. Research and teaching tool, with functionalities similar to larger robots, K-Junior allows real world testing of algorithms developed in simulation for trajectory planning, obstacle avoidance, pre-processing of sensory information and hypotheses on behaviour processing, among others. A large number of extension modules make it adaptable to a wide range of experiments.

Discover the latest progress in mobile robotics.

2 Pack are available. The standard pack with one robot is the basis. The educational pack is provided with 2 robots, several extensions and the educational tutorial with teacher and student parts. A software describing the robot layout and allowing to experiment with the robot and its extensions is also included in that pack. You can also order each extension separately.

Standard Robot Pack
Super Educational Pack

Extensions and Accessories

Sensor and Articulation Modules

Linear Camera
UltraSonic Sensor
Wireless Color Camera

IO Modules

General I/O
LCD Display
Bluetooth USB dongle

Program Modules

Ext. Program
ICD Interface
ICD PIC Programmer (ICD-U)


C Compiler
3D Simulation