K-Junior Super Educational Pack


K-Junior is a small ready to use autonomous programmable robot ideal for teaching a wide range of experiments in Science & Technology, including subjects like Electronics, Mechanics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, etc. for students aged 7 – 77 from all over the world.

It includes :

  • 2 K-Junior Robots - fully assembled and programmed with example of basic behaviours like obstacle avoidance, line following, TV remote control and dance demonstration.
  • General I/O board - allows interfacing your own electronics.
  • External Programmer - to re-flash the memory of your K-Junior
  • Ultra Sonic Sensor - provides a much longer detection range than the default K-Junior infrared sensors
  • Linear Camera – it reads one line of 102 pixels in 256 level of grey
  • LCD Screen – it provides a user interface to build interactive control program with your robot without PC
  • Pic programmer for K-Junior
  • ICD Interface - to connect to your In-Circuit Debugger from CCS
  • USB Cable - to charge your robot simply connect to the serial port of your PC
  • External Charger – to charge your robot without PC
  • Remote control - standard RC5 compatible remote for the K-Junior robot
  • Bluetooth dongle – for wireless communication from your PC
  • Arena – foldable rubber parts for constructing arena
  • Felt pen - allows to plot the trajectory of the robot by fixing it in the slot in the centre of K-Junior.
  • Screw driver - for mode selection
  • Black tape – for line following experiments
  • User manual - on the enclosed CD

  • 3D simulation software from Automgen – professional simulation software specifically for K-Junior
  • OS for C programming – source code for autonomous applications
  • Multimedia Teaching Environment - Teacher CD
  • Multimedia Educational Environment – Student CD
  • CCS C Compiler – Advanced C programming