Khepera II

Vision Modules

K2D 360 Degree Vision

There is also a 360 version of the K2D using a spherical mirror for a full 360 degree field of view. As can be seen from the sample picture below, the panorama around the Khepera is reflected on 15% of the image. N.B.: there is an hidden area of 35mm in front of the Khepera.

K2D Video Turret Specifications


Technical Information

Video Output


2:1 Interlaced

75 Ohms BNC connector

Picture Elements

PAL: 500(H)x582(V) pixels

NTSC: 510(H)x492(V) pixels

Video Transmission

By flexible cable and rotating contacts for high robot mobility

Field of View

Standard: 39deg (H) x 28 (V)
Optional lenses available on request from 15degx11deg up to 90degx65deg)
K2D-360: 360deg (H) x 55deg (V)

Extension Bus

The K2D video turret is a top turret. No other turrets can be added on top of the K2D, but it can be used on top of others.


Diameter: 55 mm
Height: 50 mm

User Manual