Khepera II

I/O Modules

Gripper Turret


  • Compact size
  • Dedicated on-board processor for position regulation
  • Can detect size of gripped objects
  • Can measure electrical resistivity of gripped objects
  • Pass-through K-bus for additional turrets

New Experimental Possibilities

  • Object manipulation
  • Object recognition
  • Object transportation

Possible Experiments

  • Sorting objects
  • Testing logistical problems
  • Collective manipulation of large objects

Gripper Turret Specifications
Element Technical Information
Processor Motorola 68HC11
RAM 256 bytes


2 Kbytes
Motion 2 DC motors with absolute angle encoder
Sensors Optical barrier inside the gripper for object detection, measurement of the electrical resistivity of the gripped object
Extension Bus The robot with a gripper turret can be expanded by new modules added on the K-Extension bus
Size 65 x 90 x 10 mm
Load Approx 50 g

User Manual