Khepera II

I/O Modules

General I/O Turret


  • Digital inputs and outputs
  • Analog inputs with adjustable gain
  • Power outputs
  • Large custom breadboarding area
  • Pass-through K-bus to other turrets

New Extension Possibilities

  • Custom sensors (compass, long range distance sensor, etc.)
  • Actuators (manipulators, active pointing of sensors, etc.)
  • Communication devices (IR remote control, radio link, etc.)

General I/O Turret Specifications


Technical Information


8 digital
2 analog (absolute) with adjustable gain
1 analog differential


4 digital low power
1 digital high-power
1 motor control (full H bridge)

Extension Bus

The robot with a general I/O turret can be expanded by adding new modules on top using the K-Extension bus (provided any custom components you mount on the General I/O turret do not physically prevent it).


Diameter: 55 mm
Height: 10 mm

Complete schematics and documentation for the K-extension bus are included in the package.

User Manual

  • Available soon