Khepera II

Radio Modules

High Speed Radio Turret


  • 2.4GHz wireless communication channel
  • 115200 bit per seconds communication speed
  • Host computer to robot cable replacement
  • Up to 7 full speed channels to the same host computer

New Experimental Possibilities

  • High speed wireless remote operations
  • Up to seven robots remotly controlled

The High Speed Radio Module provides a powerfull cable replacement solution for experiments with remote controlled Khepera robots. The serial communication with the Khepera will be replaced with a wireless link without requiring any specific configuration or code adaptation. Using a 2.4GHz digital communication technology, the module will ensure a 115200bps full-duplex transmission at a range up to 30 meters.

An USB dongle to plug on the host computer is required (see Bluetooth USB dongle below. Up to seven robots can be connected to a single dongle, using a single USB port on the host machine. Each robot will then be able to communicate with the host at full speed, using separated virtual serial ports. No specific code is required from the application point of view.

The high speed radio turret is an alternative to the the standard radio turret. It allows high speed wireless remote operations of Khepera robots, but only seven robots can be operated at the same time. On the other hand, the standard radio turret supports up to 32 robots working together and allows communication between robots.

Radio Module Specifications


Technical Information

Speed (real throughput)

115200bps (38400bps is also supported)


2.4 GHz



Maximum number of robots


On-board processor

Microchip PIC18F


2 Kbytes


32 Kbytes


55 x 55 x 15 mm

User Manual