Khepera II

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Khepera Unmatched Features
  • Compact
  • Easy to Use
  • Affordable
  • Powerful Microcontroller
  • Many Sensor and Actuator Extensions
  • Free Software, Curriculum, Papers
  • More in the technical specifications

Khepera Unlimited Experiments
  • Navigation
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Multi-Agents System
  • Control
  • Collective Behavior
  • Real-Time Programming
  • Advanced Electronics Demonstration
  • More examples in this list of papers

Khepera Unique Capabilities
  • Perform Complex Behaviors on a Table Top
  • Ideal for Large Collective Robotics
  • Easy to Carry with you for Demonstrations
  • More in this list of potential applications

Khepera Incredible Software
  • WEBOTS, a realistic 3D simulator
  • GNU C Cross Compiler, for embedded applications
  • KTProject, a Graphical Interface to GNU C Cross Compiler, for embedded applications
  • MATLAB, SysQuake, LabVIEW pluggins for remote control via tether or radio
  • Many Freeware
  • Any software able to communicate via a serial line for remote control

Very modular at both the software and hardware level, Khepera has a very efficient library of on-board applications for controlling the robot, monitoring experiments, and downloading new software. A large number of extension modules make it adaptable to a wide range of experiments.

To facilitate programming of the robot, we support several development environments, spanning from standard cross-C developments to more sophisticated tools like SysQuake, LabVIEW® or MATLAB®, to the 3D WEBOTS Khepera simulator. Please note however that this software is just a suggestion: Any other programming environment capable of communicating over a serial port can also be used. The communication protocol implemented on Khepera is described in more details within the user manual.