Khepera II

Vision Modules

K2D Video Turret


  • High resolution Black & White or Color camera
  • Automatic light compensation (auto iris)
  • PAL or NTSC video output via cable : no on-board framegrabber nor processing capability. An external framegrabber is required.
  • Cable with rotating contact for unrestricted motion

New Vision Possibilities
A Khepera equipped with K2D becomes a very flexible test platform for vision research.

Framegrabber Requirements
Any standard framegrabber board would fit. By standard, we mean:

  • Support for standard composite analog video input, i.e. 1V peak to peak / 75 ohm.
  • Support for PAL or NTSC standard according to the model you bought from us.

We recommend a BNC connector for the video input but most board come with Cinch (also called RCA connector) and in this case, you can easily find BNC to Cinch connector.

If you are familiar with Windows and does not have any knowledge on image processing, I would recommend using a Matrox Meteor II with its image library but there are also many alternatives.

If you are familiar with Linux and have knowledge of image processing, I would recommend using any basic framegrabber card based on a BrookTree 848 chipset.