Khepera II

Vision Modules

K213 Vision Turret


  • Linear vision sensor (64 pixels)
  • Automatic light compensation (auto iris)
  • Light intensity detection
  • On board preprocessing
  • Internal modularity

New Experimental Possibilities

  • Natural landmark recognition (natural optical patterns)
  • Artificial landmark recognition (e.g. bar codes)
  • Light source identification
  • Visual stimuli classification

K213 is needed for KheperaSot, the Khepera football Competitions.

K213 Vision Turret Specifications


Technical Information


Linear light sensitive array (image)
Ambient light sensor

Resolution of Image

64x1 pixels
256 grey levels/pixel

Field of View

36 degrees (horizontal)
Distance between 5 and 25 cm

On Board Preprocessing

Maximal and minimal pixel intensity
Sub-array and sub-resolution extraction

Extension Bus

The K213 vision turret is a top turret. No other turrets can be added on top of the K213, but it can be used on top of others.


Diameter: 55 mm
Height: 28 mm

User Manual

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