Khepera II

Vision Modules

Wireless Camera Vision Turret


  • Color Vision Sensor (380x450 pixels)
  • Embedded microphone
  • 2.4GHz wireless image transmission to the base receiver
  • 2.4GHz wireless audio transmission to the base receiver
  • Four transmission channels

New Experimental Possibilities

  • Autonomous vision experiment with remote processing
  • Multi-robot vision experiment

The wireless camera vision turret is designed to transmit sound and video from the Khepera robot to a base receiver. Images and sound can then be processed on a remote computer, before sending commands back to the robot using a Khepera Radio Turret. The camera is very easy to connect and use, no settings or software is required. The camera orientation can be changed to match specific experiments needs.

The base receiver is provided with the turret, it can be easily connected to a Personnal Computer. Simple video Cinch output and an audio Cinch output should be connected to a video grabber and a audio computer input. A provided external power supply is also necessary.

The wireless camera turret and the base receiver.

The wireless camera turret is an alternative to the the K2D video turret, with various advantages. It allows autonomous movement for the robot without a limiting rotating contact and video cable. Up to four Khepera can work together without space limitation.

Wireless Vision Turret Specifications


Technical Information


Color CMOS Camera (OmniVision)

Resolution of Image


Max Scan Freq


Max Distance


Ouput Power


Min Illumination


Extension Bus

The wireless vision turret is a top turret. No other turrets can be added on top of the turret, but it can be used on top of others. The Khepera Gripper can be used with this turret


Diameter: 55 mm
Height: 38 mm

User Manual
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