Khepera III

Battery Pack

Product: Kh3 Battery Pack

Recommended price: CHF 290.00 (VAT and shipping excluded)


The Khepera III is designed with a swapable battery pack system. The battey can be easily removed from and inserted into the robot in a couple of seconds. The battery packs can be recharged outside the robot, providing a solution for continuous operation of the system.

The battery pack are also intelligent, integrating a measurement device and non volatile memory. To enable advanced power management features in applications, the pack is able to monitor the battery current at all time, and will calculate the battery remaining capacity. Battery voltage and other measurements are also provided by the pack through a one wire bus.


Technical Information


1350 mAh

Voltage 7.4 V

Embedded Features

Readable Embedded EEPROM with:
- Battery voltage
- Remaining capacity
- Current measurement
- Average current measurement


17mm x 77mm x 43mm

(Ref. Khe3Battery), 1-year warranty

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