Khepera III

GNU C Cross Compiler

The KoreBot II, sold separately, is provided with a GCC cross compiler toolchain package to compile C/C++ applications on a standard PC. The generated executable can then be transferred and launched on the KoreBot, for a completely autonomous application. The cross compiler package can be downloaded freely from the Manuals/Download page of KoreBot II...

The GCC cross compiler, combined with the libKorebot API, and any standard library available for the Linux operating system, provide a powerful standard development environment. An application running on KoreBot can use all the POSIX functions from the standard C library as well as many other libraries (such as libjpeg, libpthread, libcrypto, etc...).

Almost any (non-graphical) application running on a Linux PC can be easily ported on the KoreBot.

The cross-compiler provides a full C programming environment, and lets you create programs as simple or as powerful as you wish.

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