Koala II

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The Koala robot is a robotic platform for real-world experiments and full-scale demonstrations. Fully software compatible with Khepera, it has been designed to be easy to use, easy to transport, and able to deal with a standard office environment as well as a rough indoor terrain.

Koala Features

  • Compact size
  • Highly modular with a wide variety of expansion options
  • Powerful computational capabilities
  • Easy to control
  • Full Khepera compatibility
  • Affordable

New Possibilities in Mobile Robotics

  • Experiments on a full size platform
  • All-terrain indoor experiments
  • Easy transportability (to other laboratories, conferences, etc.)

Possible Applications

  • Telemanipulation
  • Path planning and navigation study
  • Object research and recognition
  • Surveillance
  • Object transport
  • Tour guide
  • Automatic vacuum cleaner

Koala Specifications


Technical Information


Motorola 68331 @ 22MHz






2 DC brushed servo motors with integrated incremental encoders (roughly 19 pulses per mm of robot motion)


Max: 0.6 m/s directly, and 0.38 m/s using factory default PID speed controller
Min: 0.005 m/s using factory default speed controller

Maximum Acceleration

0.075 m/s² using factory default PID speed controller

Maximum Slope Traversal

43 degrees




  • 16 Infra-red proximity and ambient light sensors
  • 4 optional triangulation longer-range IR sensors
  • Up to 6 optional ultrasonic sonar sensors
  • Battery and ambient temperature
  • Motor torque and global power consumption


Rechargeable NiMH Battery with charge level memory
The battery pack can be easily removed and replaced.

Autonomy (4Ah battery)

Approx 6 hours (moving continuously without payload)
Approx 4 hours (moving continuously with maximum payload)

Extension Bus

Expansion modules can be added to the robot such as the KoreBot n board or Kameleon board or PC104 boards. Khepera turrets (with local processor) are also supported using an adaptor turret.
An accessory deck is provided at the front of the robot for mounting any other custom equipment you wish.

User Available I/O

  • 12 digital inputs [5..12V]
  • 4 CMOS / TTL digital outputs
  • 8 power (open collector) digital outputs [12V 250mA/output]
  • 6 analog inputs (10 bit A/D converter, 4.096v range)


Length: 32 cm
Width: 32 cm
Height: 20 cm


4kg with battery
3.6kg with DC-DC converter

Maximum Payload


Supported Software Environments

  • LabVIEW® (on PC, MAC or SUN) using RS232
    LabVIEW® is a trademark of National Instruments.
  • MATLAB® (on PC and MAC) using RS232
    MATLAB® is a trademark of The MathWorks.
  • GNU C Cross-Compiler for native on-board applications
  • Any other software capable of RS232 communication