Koala II

Sensor Modules

Ultrasonic Sensors

The sonar extension for Koala greatly expands the obstacle detection capability of the Koala.

The Koala sonar package includes 4 ultrasonic sonar transducers NOT as shown nearby. These sensors can detect obstacles over a wide range from 15cm to 3m, and complement nicely the Koala's 16 built-in infrared proximity sensors, which have a range from 5cm to 20cm. The Koala can thus use the sonar sensors for exploring wide-open areas, while using the infrared sensors as a "virtual bumper" and for negotiating tight spaces.

In addition, the independent sonar modules can be oriented in any direction and mounted in any desired configuration, or even used for other applications!

Ultrasonic Sensor Specifications


Technical Information


15 cm to 3 m adjustable with -/+0.1% accuracy over entire range at stable temperatures

Beam Angle

15 degree nominal; Single beam, cone-shaped pattern diverges approximately 2.6' at maximum range (10').

Repetition Rate

1O Hz astable; May be externally triggered.


55 g

Maximum dimensions

90 mm x 50 mm x 40 mm

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