KoreBot II

Product: Korebot II

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Elements Technical Information
Processor Intel XSCALE PXA-270 @ 600MHz
RAM 128 MBytes
FLASH 32 MBytes
Power Supply Input: 5VOutput: Embedded power regulation for Compact Flash, and other 3.3V extensions...
Power Consumption Idle: 500mWMax: 1200mW
Connectors 1 x Compact Flash Type I socket 1 x uSD socket1 x KB-250 Interface (2x50-pin, see below) 2 x RS232 (KoreConnect needed) 1 x USB Host (mini USB connector) 1 x Gumstix extension connector
KB-250 Interface 3x Serial RS332 (including Bluetooth compatible port)3x USB Master port (to connect USB camera)1x MMC controller (MutiMedia Card)1x LCD controller1x I2C bus (400kb/s)1x SSP/SPI bus (1.8Mb/s)1x AC97 sound controller2 x PWM pins53 x GPIO pins (if not used for above features)
OS Support Linux 2.6.x (OpenEmbedded Ansgtröm Distribution)
License GPL license on boot loader.
KoreBot Platform Package System bootloader in executable format. GNU-Linux Development Based Environment.
Optional Extensions KoreMotor drive up 4 DC motors. KoreConnect (Easier connection to RS232 ports and USB Client). KoreJTAG (JTAG to USB interface, credits to S. Gerlach). KoreUSBCam (USB Camera module) KoreIO (Analog I/O, digtal out, servo control). KoreWifi
Size 85mm x 57mm x 33 mm
Weight 52g

KoreBot II Standard Connectivity


KoreBot  II provides an embedded USB Host to allow the connection of any USB device directly to board. Such a feature allows the connection of standard:
  • USB video camera
  • Keyboard & mouse
  • USB storage
  • PDAs
  • etc ...
KoreBot II provides  One Compact Flash Slot to allow the connection of standard pocket PC extensions. Such a features allow the connection of standard:
  • Wireless Ethernet card
  • Bluetooth card
  • Flash Storage card
  • etc ...