Sysquake Scientific Calculations

SysQuake is an interactive programmable environment that complements traditional scientific programs like LabVIEW® or MATLAB®. SysQuake lets you manipulate graphical representations of your experiment, interacting in real time with data coming from the real world (such as your robot). SysQuake is programmed using a programming language very similar to MATLAB®.

Download an evaluation version of SysQuake (for Windows and Linux) or LyME, a core version for PalmOS.

SysQuake can be also used in pure simulation to understand many aspects of control theory:

SysQuake can also be used to teach common mobile robotics algorithms such as potential field navigation. The following example shows how the robot's trajectory is modified in real time as the goal position is interactively manipulated. For more details on this example, please see below:

SysQuake has real-world connectivity and can be used in connection with K-Team robots. Here a simple example where the user can define the robot trajectory and watch the real-world odometry path computation:

The computational power of SysQuake makes it a powerful choice for complex experiments like evolutionary robotics where all parameters are displayed and can be manipulated easily. The power of SysQuake is that you can build this type of tool in just a few hours:

SysQuake exists in three packages:

  • SysQuake LE: FREE but with some advanced functions disabled
  • SysQuake: The full research version
  • LyME: A reduced version of the math engine for use on Palm OS