Webots 3D Robotic Simulation

The Webots mobile robotics simulation software provides you with a rapid prototyping environment for modelling, programming and simulating mobile robots. The included robot libraries enable you to transfer your control programs to many commercially available real mobile robots.

Developed for Khepera, it supports several turrets and can realistically simulate the gripper and vision turrets. Webots is also able to simulate the Koala and the Hemisson, or any other custom differential-drive robot. The user can program virtual robots using a C / C++ library which is compatible with the real robot. A 3D environment editor allows you to customize the robot world. An evalutation version is available for download!.

Some screenshots from Webots 5.0...

AIlife survival game

Khepera with Gripper turret

Koala model

Khepera II model

Khepera with Linear Camera

Hemisson model

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