Common Applications
K-Team products and services help people all over the world advance in their research fields, from Artificial Life to Cooperative Robotics and everything in-between!

We have collected several links showing some existing user applications as well as some scientific papers. If you would like to join the K-Community and show your applications on our pages, please send us an email  (info@k-team•com)  .

More generally, our products have been used across a variety of domains:

Research support is our fundamental market segment. K-Team provides efficient robotic tools and quality support.

Education is an ideal application for our plug-and-play robots. Powerful but easy to use, K-Team robots make fantastic teaching tools for programming and robotics.

Entertainment is a field where robots play an increasing role. We have experience in this field and can help you with your custom entertainment project.

Many scientific articles have been written featuring K-Team products.