The xenobot developed by the University of Vermont

Bio robot: « A novel living machine »

The “xenobot” is the first robot composed of stem cells and takes its named after an African frog from which the scientists took its living compounds. Developed in the University of Vermont (USA), these tiny living robots could swim, jump and last ten days inside a human body according to Josh Bongard, head of the project.

The engineers have created an evolutionary algorith capable of « programming » the xenobots to accomplish many works such as bringing a medicine precisely where it is needed or detecting toxins in the organism. Yet these robots are in testing phase but this technology offers a wide range of possibilities. In fact, Josh Bongard’s team is already working on a version of the xenobot capable of « thinking » thanks to brain cells, a project that is of particular interest to the American army, which is funding part of the research. Nowadays, robots are already living among us, but will they soon be living inside us?

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