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K-Team’s 25th years anniversary

 Since its creation, K-Team has never ceased to evolve in order to offer more and more services and to confirm its expertise in robotic development. The story began in 1995, when researcher Francesco Mondada and his LAMI (microprocessor System Lab) team at the EPFL decided to create the company to commercialize Khepera I, a small robot developed four years earlier. The robot quickly became a success, with more than 400 universities wanting it for research purpose. For its large-scale production, the original team decided to found K-Team and the company is famous for its robots such as Kilobot and Koala becoming “standards” in academic world.

In 2001, the company is sold to Mario Aellen, who began its expansion by combining the research and development office with the production apparatus of Gigatec PLC, a swiss company leader in electronic subcontracting. To satisfy the academic community,  Khepera II is launched. As young people become more and more interested in robotics, K-Team then introduced an easily programmable version of Khepera: the K-Junior designed for young people and students is born.

K-Team enjoys worldwide recognition and innovative projects follow one another, including robots-actors interacting with humans on stage, or a special command from Qatar’s prince: a robotic rider for camel racing. “The Camel Jockey” is born and it avoids the use of young children for these races thus preventing them from injuries. From 2004 to 2020, K-Team becomes a leading company in Switzerland and abroad for robot conception and production especially for industrial and academic use. The Khepera IV released in 2014 is today the most successful version. Compared to its first version, this robot includes a high density of functionalities such as sensors allowing it to be autonomous in different environments.