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The K-Junior is the perfect robot to discover deeply the robotics. It comes with many features and sensors allowing you to be comfortable with today's robotic. The K-Junior can be purchased individually or in a didactic pack including all the material needed to create a course on robotics.

The K-Junior is so complete and powerful, that it can be a low cost research robot !

It takes the three K-Team standards which made the success of K-Team overs years : Smart, Simple and the Swiss quality.

This new version has these important updates:

Standard pack content:
  • K-Junior Robot
    Fully assembled and programmed with examples of basic behaviours like obstacle avoidance, line following, TV remote control and a dance demonstration.
  • USB Cable
    To charge your robot simply connect to the serial port of your PC.
  • CD with K-Junior User's Manual
    A clear manual to make your first steps with K-Junior.
  • Felt-pen
    This standard felt-pen allows to plot the trajectory of the robot by setting it in the slot in the center of K-Junior.
  • Screw driver
    For mode selection.