KoreBot II


Product: Kore2 KoreMotorLE

Recommended price: CHF 199.00 (VAT and shipping excluded)


KoreMotorLE provides two DC motor channels. It can drive up to two DC motors using separate PID's to control position, and speed. The PID control loop is implemented with 32-bit calculations, with a 32-bit position value and a 16-bit velocity value. Current measurement feedback is also available to detect torque and stall conditions for the motors.

KoreMotorLE does not support standalone operation. The board must be connected to a KorebotII using the KB-250 stack.

The KoreMotorLE supports the KB-250 interface. The KB-250 interface is an open standard interface to expand the functionality of an existing KoreBot base platform in a easy and fast way. Besides using a full line of off-the-shelf KB-250 modules, developers can also design their own modules. KB-250 modules can be used singularly or stacked together to give the needed functionality. Several KoreMotorLE boards can be placed on one stack to allow control of a large number of motors.


  • Control for 2 DC motors with incremental encoders.
  • Motor requirements:
    • 5-28V
    • 25W max
    • 2.5A max continuous
    • 5.0A max peak
  • Control:
    • open or closed loop regulation
    • position, speed and current (torque) control
    • adjustable sampling frequency from 10Hz up to 12kHz
  • One 2A fuse per motor and one common 5A fuse
  • K-Net Interface (for communication with Khepera and Koala)
  • KB-250 Male Interface for communication with Korebot
  • KB-250 Female Interface for stacking


  • KoreMotorLE board


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