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V-Rep features

Other features

  • Software available for PC, Mac and Linux platforms.

  • Now open source and free for the education.

  • A powerful mechanism in included to allow easy access to V-REP API functions from external applications (e.g. robots): the remote API. It can be bound with Python, Java, Matlab and Urbi.

  • Interaction during simulation: interaction with a running simulation is possible at any time: models, together with their associated behavior (i.e. scripts) can be shifted, rotated, copy/pasted, erased, scaled, etc. without having to adjust any code

  • Unlimited number of fully customizable user interface elements with integrated edit mode

  • Simulation of surface cutting using various customizable cutting tool shapes.

  • Simulation of force/torque sensors, capable of recording applied forces or torques, and conditionally breaking apart

  • Various types of joints: revolute joints, prismatic joints, screws, and spherical joints

  • Path or trajectory functionality for elaborate kinematic movements

  • Next to regular scene edition/composition, various integrated edit modes are available: triangle-, vertex-, edge-, path/trajectory-, and custom user interface edit modes

  • Minimal or no programming required for simple simulations

  • Model self-duplication or self-destruction capability

  • Model browser with drag-and-drop functionality

  • Powerful API with more than 280 clean and fine-grained functions, available from the C/C++ and Lua side (other languages capable of API calls are also usable)

  • Supported CAD data formats: DXF, 3DS, OBJ and STL

  • Fully customizable simulator, at various levels, by writing a customized client application, or by writing plugins

  • Compact and lightweight application and files: V-REP fits into 5MB, no dependency installations are required. Simulation scenes and models are saved as a single compressed file, loading operations are very fast

  • Full-featured scene hierarchy view, indicating object names, types, associated control scripts, loop closures, selection and visibility states, warnings, etc.

  • Fully customizable view configurations, with 8 easily toggable pages, where each can be customized with an unlimited number of views

  • Free V-REP player version, allowing running and interacting with previously created scenes or models

  • Four in-parallel running simulator instances, sharing a same copy buffer

  • Simulation and visualization of wireless communications, with free definable emission range, direction and shape

  • Possibility to lock scenes from further edition/modification, script content viewing or resource export

  • Many more features: e.g. multilevel undo/redo, AVI recorder, simulation of paint or welding seams, static and dynamic textures, exhaustive documentation