FIRA KheperaSot Competition

Each year, an international Khepera soccer competition is organized by the Federation of International Robot-soccer Association. The tournament location is different each time, and it offers a great challenge for teams from all around the world.

The KheperaSot, involving K-Team's Khepera robot, is one of the competitions taking place during the event. As the Khepera manufacturer, K-Team is proud to sponsor the KheperaSot, offering special packages for those who engage into the competion and granting price rewards for the best teams of the tournament.

During a game, two Khepera equiped with K213 linear vision turret are opposed. The robots are fully autonomous and must score goals by pushing a standard yellow tennis ball. Human programmers are facing the challenge to design efficient algorithm from embedded sensors information and using the available processing power. No external overall localisation system is allowed.
A beginner guide to Khepera soccer by Narongdech Keeratipranon, Joaquin Sitte and Frederic Maire, is available to help new teams with the Khepera soccer programming.

The KheperaSot package is a bundle including a KheperaII Robot kit and a K213 Linear vision turret. A special discount price is proposed for anyone who is registered to compete in the next FIRA cup event. Please contact us for further information about the KheperaSot package.