Applications in Academic Research

Khepera was designed for research in mobile robotics from the start.

K-Robots were initially developed for use by multidisciplinary researchers working in the field of artificial intelligence, behaviour studies etc., and thus are well adapted for use in a wide spectrum of research applications:

Evolutionary Robotics

Collective Robotics

Bioinspired Robotics
  • The INI in Zurich has implemented a retina chip on Koala. This group also develops an impressive software tool called IRQ421, for the design and test of bioinspired control structures.

Robot Learning

Process control
  • Koala II: a grid solution for fault tolerance in a process control: video. Supélec, France; Univ. of Salermo, Italy

Fuzzy logic

Obscacle avoidance

Advantages of K-Robots
Why are K-Team products unsurpassed for use research projects?
  • Our robots are simple to use. Built to be used by those who may not necessarily have extensive robotics expertise, our robots are simple to use, simple to program (see the long list of compatible software) and well documented.
  • Our robots are high-performance and very small, requiring very little area for use. A normal table for a Khepera is the same as a tennis court for a robot 50 cm in diameter! Koala is one of the smallest full terrain robots available!
  • Our robots are reliable and can be used by people with little experience in electronics and mechanics.

Each K-Team Product has its own Strengths
  • The Khepera is the smallest of our robots and can be used on an ordinary desktop. Its compact size and equally compact price, along with numerous extensions make it a fantastic research tool.
  • The Koala is larger, more powerful, and a better platform for implementing custom electronics on the robot, on-board video processing applications, and for rough terrain.
  • The KoreBot board is a modular hardware controller which allows the creation of custom robots. The software, hardware and mechanical modularity leave all options open for virtually any research project.