KoreBot II


Product: Kore2 KoreIO

Recommended price: CHF 624.00 (VAT and shipping excluded)


KoreIO is a general Input and Output extension board for KoreBot. It provides several interfaces to additional digital IO, digital power outputs, 10 bit analog inputs and 8 bits analog outputs. A CAN bus controller is also included to connect a KoreBot stack to any CAN devices.

A special PWM ouput mode is available to control standard Servo Motors. The KoreIO board is able to control up to 10 Servo Motors simultaneously, and to provide them with 5V power supply.

KoreIO board supports standalone usage using a serial or I2C interface and it can be included in a    KB-250 stack as well. The KB-250 interface is an open standard interface to expand the functionality of an existing ARM base platform in a easy and fast way. Besides using a full line of off-the-shelf KB-250 modules, developpers can also design their own modules. KB-250 modules can be used singularly or stacked together to give the needed functionality.

A set of high level commands is provided, to easily interface KoreBot programs or for external operations. The KoreIO is fully supported by the LibKoreBot API


Technical Information

Digital IO

16 x 5V digitial IO that can be independently configured as
- Input
- Ouput
- PWM output

Digital Power Output

6 x digital power outputs
- up to 1 Amps per channel
- externaly provided voltage supply
- fuse protected

Analog Input

12 x analog inputs
- timestamped 10bit analog to digital converters
- 0-5V input with a 0.005V resolution

Analog Ouput

8 x 8bit analog outputs
- 4.5V to -5V voltage range
- 15 mA drive current per channel

CAN bus Controller

CAN bus controller and transceiver
- 1Mbps data rate


K-Net Interface (for communication with Khepera and Koala)
I2C Interface (400kbps)
RS232 Serial Interface (115kbps)
KB-250 Male Interface (for communication with Korebot)
KB-250 Female Interface (for stacking)


85mm x 57mm

(Ref. KoreIO), 1-year warranty


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