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K-Team Corporation is a Swiss company that develops, manufactures and markets high quality mobile robots for use in advanced education and research. The Khepera and Koala are now a standard for academic research, while the K-Junior robot is designed for teachers and hobbyists. The KoreBot II, a single board controller, is a perfect solution for Automation and custom robotics developments.

The company's experience in the field of autonomous mobile robotics applications allows it to provide best of breed solutions to the most demanding academic and commercial research laboratories in the world. K-Team Solutions have been successfully deployed in over 600 universities and industrial research centers in the world.

December 19th, 2013

New robot at K-Team : the Koala 2.5

Based on the Koala II robot, we have totally reviewed the electronics of this robot. The Pico-ITX is now integrated inside the Koala, allowing it to perform various complex autonomous applications such as mapping, navigation, object retrieve, etc. The Koala 2.5 is dedicated for indoor and outdoor all-terrain operation.

Discover this new robot on our web-site.

Winter holidays

K-Team will be closed for Winter holidays between the 20th of December to the 5th of January.

November 08th, 2013

New prices

We are always trying to offer you the best material at the best price. In that optic we have improve some aspect of our production and we can now offer new and very attractive prices on the main products of the Khepera III line card :

Khepera III including the Korebot II board : New price of 2600 CHF

Khepera III battery pack : New price of 290 CHF

Khepera III external charger : New price of 980 CHF

KoreWifi : New price of 140 CHF

(price shown are the recommended price, excluding shipping cost, VAT and local taxes)

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New Koala version 2.5

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Khepera III with gripper