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Welcome on the K-Team website!


K-Team Corporation is a Swiss company that develops, manufactures and markets high quality mobile robots for use in advanced education and research. The Khepera and Koala are now a standard for academic research, while the K-Junior robot is designed for teachers and hobbyists.


The company's experience in the field of autonomous mobile robotics applications allows it to provide best of breed solutions to the most demanding academic and commercial research laboratories in the world. K-Team Solutions have been successfully deployed in over 600 universities and industrial research centers in the world.

March 21st, 2016
Upgraded Khepera IV page:

Toolbox available for the Khepera IV. This open framework meant to ease application development.


Review of the Khepera IV robot by the DISAL from the EPFL (Distributed Intelligent Systems and Algorithms Laboratory).


March 21st, 2016
New products:

The expansion turret replaces the K4 LRF board. More versatile, this turret is able to receive more option In order to give more flexibility to the Khepera IV robot.


The external K4 charger is also available now. In complement of the expansion turret, this pack allows you to add a swappable battery on the top of the Khepera IV.


February 4th, 2016
New Kilobot Firmware:

Starting from February 2016, the Kilobot will be delivered with the new improved firmware from Kilobotics.


More information are available in the Manuals/Download section.


Old news
New Koala version 2.5Take a look Khepera IV presentation